Author Charvet (pronounced shar-vay) Clark grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington State either daydreaming, singing or talking too much in school, usually directed all imaginative play with friends and cousins, and excelled at most creative endeavors. She was blessed with an elementary school librarian for a grandma and so was raised on a steady diet of high-quality children’s literature.

Her writing career began in the sixth grade when her teacher submitted her short story for a Young Writer’s competition, and she won. From that time on, while in school, her English teachers loved her, especially when she actually got an assignment turned in. Several of them encouraged her to pursue writing as a career. But Charvet didn’t listen. She thought grown-up careers were supposed to be hard and complicated – that those who were paid for their imagination were only the elite and lucky few.

Today, Charvet knows better. She frequently still gets lost in thought as characters and their stories introduce themselves while she’s in the middle of adulting and does her best to do them justice in her writing. She’s a sucker for sweet romance in any genre, going to the movies, chocolate, cheesy junior high level humor, shopping, music, art, and fattening coconut milk mocha lattes. She currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her husband, teenaged son and daughter, two big dorky dogs, a diva rescue rabbit, and one intense crazy black cat.